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*Plays On The Road*

Now, for the 3rd Update to Atsuki Boukenshaa's Profile, here's Barrier Jacket, Fighting Style, Devices and Offensive Spells:

Spoiler for MASSIVE:

Next part, Defensive & Auxilliary Spells and Finishing Moves

*phew* That was long

*Thank heavens for the Aegis of the Immortal*

There's a major difference in styles here: We have those who blatantly put their references across, while others subtly weave theirs into their characters, although that's a good thing, since it leaves us 2 options: die laughing out loud, or else start moving our heads a little to see the refs...

But it's pretty entertaining, as always...did I sense a hint of Masked Rider in there?

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Referring to Episode 2, the firefighters use "guns" that fire wads of flame redardant foam instead of bringing in hoses. This Jammer Launcher appears to be similar in principle, so it should be alright.

On the other hand, the firefighters were firing foam rounds. Not glue...

Will haxbust and resume tomorrow. I've been out the whole day for Chinese New Year reunions with relatives and have just gotten back, and am heading out again in 10 minutes. *sighs* Sometimes I hate being chinese.

To all chinese in this thread: Gong Xi Fa Cai! Or if you're Cantonese, Kung Hey Fatt Choy!
Kung Hey Fatt Choy to you too! I'm both, as it just so happens Unfortunately, I don't speak much of it...what a bad Cantonese person I am.

Originally Posted by Evangelion Xgouki View Post
Guess it's time I start my own division...

Designation: Division 66, NERV

Affiliation: TSAB Ground Forces

Founded: May MC 071

Commander: Colonel Kouzou Fuyutsuki

HQ Location: Cranagan, Mid-Childa

Equipment: 1x XI Class Warship Longinus, 2x JF-700 Helicopter

Function: Locate, secure, and neutralize rogue Lost Logia/Relics within Mid-Childa as well as high-threat Lost Logia/Relics on other worlds.

History: Division 66 was founded in May MC 071 shortly after the airport disaster. Although it had been proposed just a month prior, the proximity and scale of the Lost Logia/Relic airport incident made it clear to the TSAB council that an organization would be necessary to police local threats to avoid another disaster. The original proposal was drafted and backed by Lt. General Regius Gaiz and as such is under the direct control of the TSAB Ground Forces. This also limited the range of movement of the organization to Mid-Childa, although a clause was later added to allow their jurisdiction to reach to other worlds should there be a potential high-level threat.

The overall division is quite small due to its specialized objectives. They occupy a single 2-story structure just outside the main TSAB Ground Forces HQ with a pair of hangers for the helicopters and a single training structure in the rear. As of their founding, the main forward forces consist of 1st LT. Shamsel Nagisa and 2nd LT. Ryotaro Nogami. Some questioned the use of an experimental system for such an organization, but they were all quickly dismissed by Lt. Gen. Gaiz saying that it was a proven system he had investigated himself and worthy of such a roll.

Despite the intentions of the division, there were several rumors questioning its founding. One sprung from the fact that, after being initially set aside by the Council as not a priority, the airport disaster occurred and practically paved the way for its rushed approval. Second was on the backer, Lt. Gen. Gaiz. Rumors already existed of his dislike for the Navy as well as of the young Hayate Yagami. Many found it odd for him to propose such a group when word spread of Hayate contemplating a similar division of her own.
Spoiler for More Conversation:

Are they still around, or should I call in the "Where Are They Now?" crew?

Anyway, as promised, before the day is done, my first try at an OC...Sorry, Sheba, I'm stealing your format.

Spoiler for We don't all go to Ravenholm...:

That's one down. I got the Department name right, hopefully

I'll try to dig deep into my resources of weird mirror/crystal/(HAKU!!!!) related spell names and come up with something more detailed some time later, Chinese New Year Visitations take more of a toll on me than any kind of love I've ever had.

*I blame it on all. those. goodbyes.*
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