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Originally Posted by ChrissieXD View Post
Kyou and Ryou were born on September 9th. Tomoyo was on October 14th. Kotomi is 5/13. Fuuko is 7/20. Nagisa is 12/24.

I cannot find Youhei. So, after 5/13, Kotomi is 18, Nagisa is 18, Kyou/Ryou are 17, Tomoyo is 16, and Fuuko is 15.
Err, nope. I just remembered (and also checked) about the Fujibayashi birth date, and it is on September 14th.
And yep, Fuuko IS 17. (though where her precise birthdate was shown in fact? I remember she mentioned july in the game, but without much precision). Same question for Tomoyo (I guess I was too fast on her route XD)

Originally Posted by AuditionEX View Post
Is there a kyou after manga with subs?

I just read tomoyo after and it is damn good.
No there isn't such thing to my knowledge, until it is a novel, just like "Clannad - Another Stories" (yes, engrish plural).

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