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Collaged Sig Request

While this sig request does use Nanoha characters, it isn't really a Nanoha-specific sig as it also uses a character from Galaxy Angel, so I thought it would be good to post it here.

My idea is to take cropped pictures of three other pictures and put them on the same background, combining them into one picture. I've already prepared the background for the porper size and cropped the three character pictures I want. I would resize the character images myself, but I have an old, crappy image editor, and not the money to get a new, better one just so I can make a new sig. My current image editor is also very picky about cutting out the backgrounds of images for making a collage, which is what I want to do for the three character images in order to put them on top of the background image.

Spoiler for Background Image:

Spoiler for Character Image 1:

Spoiler for Character Image 2:

Spoiler for Charatcer Image 3:
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