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Weeeee.. double posting again..
5th batch!

First incarnation of my Tsukiumi onsen sig. It have a basic gradient BG.. I have no idea on how to make the surrounding yet, but most importantly, I wanted to see if the water and the steam effect was possible under the strict filesize limit of AS.

2nd version. I added a sort of wall.. a random wall too, and I start to give the BG more refine look, the rock sux hard.. More like a wall of sand. And 1 guy said straight to my face the wall is unrealistic.. which I agree

Now the BG is more refined. I drew everything up. It was hard, but I kinda enjoy it myself. I'm proud of that damn rock and the wooden fences! For those that remember my Cerestia's wall in previous page, you know how I struggle to draw the tree bark. The problem then left with her being totally cooked, her skin getting darker (I played with the level too much) and the steam effect eats too much kb per frames and the water animation is (just a bunch of dots effect - comment by an anonymous fella )

Somebody said since the original image was an inside onsen, I should try it out as well.. So I did, also redid the water animation so it wasnt a bunch of dots effect

But everyone like the outside onsen version more, and Riker want the water to be more transparent.. er.. who is the ecchi one here I wonder so

Outside onsen with more transparent water. If I lower the opacity any lower, my tsukiumi would get fed to the carnivoruos bunny :x

Then, Cats suggest to limit the steam effect to only to the water surface, so .. current version..

I dont know what to add any more :x

Exia.. the melee specialist gundam, I animate the eye a bit and some more random animation at bottom right.. No one like

Both source image was NSFW, so I wonder if I can make a SFW sig using both as a challenge Its a simple sig otherwise

A pm request by BleachOD.. Since she give me some nice Nanaochan pic, I made her some Ichigo sig as promised.

But then my idea well ran out in the middle of it, so I end up making an animated version... 2 frames, then change layer blending mode =3

Then while looking at bleach image thread for idea, I stumble at some chibi pic, posted by none other then OD herself.. So I made a vector sig out of it too.. but it cant be save in png-8 format, thus its damn oversize for use in ASuki =.=

I found a head.. I end up with a freebie sig

Meh.. the text animation became overly crazily fast ;_;

A yoko sig .. Tried once again to follow standard how to make sig rule .. *sigh*

D: Tifa Lockheart .. one of the prettiest game girl IMO

Joe from Bakuratsu Tenshi .. or Burst Angel .. Shame about the filesize tho =/

Such a shame its a he ._.

*Shake fist @ Sephi*

Prolly one of my favourite render of one of my favourite character .. The loathawesome Revy Williams from Black Lagoon.

I feel like doing exactly like her right now.

More Revy.. with more chaotic result!

WoW.. discounting the duplicating Tsukiumi sig, I'm already at #15 for the current batch O_O

Its hair pulling moment time ;_;

By this time tomorrow, I prolly see some defect on this sig.. but for now, its damn imba

Heh, whoring the lightning animation one last time

One's person dream is anothers one nightmare

Closing batch 5 with one of my 4 divas.. the goddess Lacus Clyne <3
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