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It's late, I'm tired, and I lost a backlog breaker I was working on due to a crash. I have no intentions of breaking, so I wil put this up. I have no more energy and am tired and worn out from being sick and having to go to chinese new year visiting and eating crappy food at relatives places. (I swear, they've never heard of salt and pepper or spices.)

This is an overview/summary of the OFM. It was written over a period of 24 hours in spurts of 10 minutes here and there due to the fact that life hates me and conspires against me.

Spoiler for Briefing Document:

This is long and more than 2000 words. 2000 words is doable. I spent less than 2 sustained hours on this, iff all the little spurts were added up.

Originally Posted by Tormenk View Post
Wait for the day when a AAA mage beats an S rank mage at his/her own game.
Franz: "Who do you think I am?" *squirts Health Drink up sleeping Vita's nose*
[Franz Has mastererd Squirting Juice Up Nose.]
Vita: *spasms*
[Vita has mastered Drinking Through Nose]
[Franz pwned Vita with Health Drink for 14000 XP]

Franz: "And THAT is how you pwn when you're weaker."
Signum: "That wasn't in the rules."
Franz: "Do you really care, Signum?
Signum: "No."
One must forgive one's enemies, but not before they are hanged.Heinrich Heine.

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