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Originally Posted by BPHaru View Post
That's empty set in most cases.
More than A and less than B makes more sense for me.

...Can I ask for the value of B?

Saludos, Haru
B is just a little more than C, so if you Divide D by Q you should get the exact time of release, unless you're eastern time, in which case W needs to be added to adjust for the time zone.

Vivio looked blankly at her math homework. "Mama, I don't understand any of this..."

"It's simple sweetheart," Fate bent over the little one's desk and started writing with her pencil. You just find the tangent with the cos over sin with the imaginary number that's not equal to the rate of the two trains moving towards each other while factoring the the rate of speed and mass to determine the gravitational pull of an orange falling from an apple tree into the black vortex of long division and space time conversion method."

Vivio cried.

"Sweetie it was a joke, don't cry! Awwww, come here baby." She lifted Vivio into her arms and cuddled her. "Mama's sorry, I'll teach you properly okay? Please dry your tears." She kissed the mis matched eyes lovingly.

Across the room Nanoha laughed to herself. "You deserved that one."
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