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What to doodle next?
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Haro all~

I come bearing a Valentine's present for you...(unless of course you hate which case, forgive me 0: P)

Tis a short comic thingy (9 pages) dedicated to those who've encouraged me to keep drawing. Thank you very much *bow*
Special thanks to Satashi and Alouscrie (from who provided...*cough* extra motivation and advice~

Comments, advice, and criticisms welcome.
That being said....this is my first time trying something like this so please, be gentle...
0: 3

9 page pack: Via RapidShare

Spoiler for Page 1:

Spoiler for page 2...NSFW WARNING: panty shot:

Spoiler for page 3:

Spoiler for page 4:

Spoiler for page 5:

Spoiler for page 6:

Spoiler for page 7:

Spoiler for page 8:

Spoiler for End:

These will also be up on my DA page ...eventually XD

I hope you all have a good Valentine's ^__^

~ DA ~ ~ LJ ~

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