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^I wrote that first tutorial about how to use CS3 for animated avatars but it was very ad hoc... Since people have been asking this a lot lately so here's a new one

Animated Avatars in CS3

1. This is assuming you followed the orignal animated avatar tutorial here up to the point where you need to use imageready...

2. Having that folder ready with the images, you open up up CS3 and go to File>Scripts>Load Files Into Stack

3. Under where it says Use, choose "folder" from menu.

4. Click browse and select the folder and click ok...

5. The frame files are loaded as layers as seen on the right, how long it takes deepnds on how many frames you have; you need to wait until it finishes.

6. open the animation pallate (it's not open by default) by going Window>Animation

*The CS3 Animation pallet has two views, timeline and frame view, if it is on timeline view switch it to frame view by the using bottom right button...

Timeline View

7. Now click the tab shown to open the menu and click "make frames from layers"

8. It now looks and works pretty much like imageready did... Refer back to the other tutorial for using this.

*Sometimes, the frames may load in backwards... (meaning the first frame you see in the frame window is the last frame of the scene) In the same menu where you did make frames from layers, above it there is an option to reverse frames, which fixes this.

9. Another thing that has changed in CS3 is the "save for web" which is now called "save for web and devices" under the File menu
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