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Originally Posted by Erio View Post
Hopefully someone will make a table with this information. We could add it to the front page too.
So this is the best I can come up with right now, based on what responses there were. These are in no particular order, and list their ranks or titles as of the end of the canon material, as well as their positions. Note that I still don't know whether there is any extra information in the Sound Stages.

There's a lot of uncertainties and unknowns here, so any help filling in the blanks will be appreciated. Any corrections for errors in terminology (except for the "Private Second Class" thing) will also be appreciated.

Regarding Private/Private Second Class: I'll be using "Private Second Class", despite the non-existence of such a rank in Real Life. After all, beam-spamming magic doesn't exist in Real Life either.

I know that a lot of it may seem stupid, but I'm sticking with the canon, as stupid as it may be. Because it's the canon, and this is meant to be a guide: distracting new writers with fanon will be a bad idea.

Spoiler for Cut for space:

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