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What is Typesetting?

I have been questioning myself what is my role in fansubbing. Ever since I got into anime drawing in 2001, I strayed into fansubbing business. Now, I'm just a good-for-nothing typesetter for fansubs with about four years of typesetting experience. The real question is "What is typesetting?"

After talking to several leechers and fellow fansubbers, sadly they don't fit into what my definition of typesetting is. Here are the questions and answers I have in mind.

1. Is styling (subs/karaoke/notes) typesetting?

2. Is making fancy karaoke effects typesetting?

3. Is designing your logo or banner typesetting?

4. Is designing your group logo to match with the actual logo effects typesetting?

Then what really is typesetting, since styling != typesetting, logo != typesetting, karaoke != typesetting? Read here for a more mathematical proof of the statement using the definitions given in the dictionary.

To me, an ideal typesetting is to blend in the text into the video as much as possible, making it undifferentiated from the actual source. In fansubbing, this applies more to making signs than anything else (credits [credits have its beauty too], logos, karaoke, and notes [just as a note: notes are considered as styling]).

Note: signs in fansubbing means that the new text is typesetted on the actual object with the original text.

This is my definition. Based on that definition, more questions on making "signs" have arrived in my mind. And I have answers for them, but they're my mere opinions. So I just want to listen out what other people think.

0. What is the definition of typesetting?
Spoiler for pichu's thought:

1. What is the difference between styling and typesetting, since I intend to separate them out?
Spoiler for pichu's thought:

2. Then what are the difference between 'good' typesetting and 'bad' typesetting?
Spoiler for pichu's thought:

3. What will I do if there are not enough room to do an ideal typesetting (based on my definition)? In doing so, will I allow myself to ruin the video itself, or is this what I call as a good typesetting?
Spoiler for pichu's thought:

4. Will putting notes (aka styling, not typesetting) be better than typesetting actual signs when I am required to add stuff to the drawings?
Spoiler for pichu's thought:

5. Since I am good with Photoshop to blend objects in pictures, should I allow myself to recreate what are already on the screen at my own skills?
Spoiler for pichu's thought:

6. What are real typesetters? Differentiate them between stylers who claimed to be typesetters and typesetters who can do signs, credits, and logos.

Spoiler for pichu's thought:

Examples of the situations include:

7. If the signs contain particles or multiple shines, should I simulate them too, thereby adding stuff what perceives on the video?
Spoiler for pichu's thought:

8. What should I do to signs that don't have the room for my new typesetings? Should I make 'extensions?' Should I shrink the text? Will it be better to replace the entire original text to my new text? Or, should I do some effects (i.e. basic fading) on the actual text to yield to new typesetting in the middle?
Spoiler for pichu's thought:

9. If the text in the sign are too crowded and that they fill up the entire screen, should I allow myself to even modify the original text to allow room for the new text, or should I replace the original text with the new text? (same as Q8)
Spoiler for pichu's thought:


Anyways, these are the questions I have in mind. I don't want to lead anyone in the "bad" direction, which I am fond of, before I am fully 'retired.'

Also as a note, my tools of trade are Photoshop and After-Effects for typesetting. I started out with .ass typesetting.


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