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Originally Posted by FieryAeon View Post
I thought you were a Sarawakian. Unless you're a Sabahan living in Sarawak, then that would clear my confusion.
Nope. I'm a Sabahan living in Sabah.

Originally Posted by FieryAeon View Post
Now that I think of it, why didn't Kha port her over?
Dunno. Why don't we go and ask him?


The end of all? Or the beginning of a new chapter? You decide.


Spoiler for part 1:

Spoiler for part II:

Well, this is it. Now that Tears of Northern Wind has come to its end, I can now begin my OC rebuilding starting with some of the key characters for the upcoming stories (I'll use Kha's character rebuilding setup as basis).

And fret not, for there is always the DVD Special following. Guaranteed to contain less censorship and more fanservice.

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