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BE HOLD!!! ghazghkull’s collection of fanfics

Random One-shots
Response to Satashi-sama’s challange Vivio-centric
DBZ/Nanoha crossover follow-up Vivio-centric
One Way to Spend a Morning Subaru/Tiana
Takamachi Siblings Vivio-centric
Special Snippet Tiana/Subaru moment :3
Iron Knight Vita-centric
Nameless Battle Nanoha/Fate Battle Angst
How Long Has It Been Now? Hayate-centric
A Sister's Boredom A shot on the Numbers
Diamond Night Tiana/Subaru Christmas one-shot
Yuusha'Oh SUBARU (Queen of Braves SUBARU) Subaru crack-shot

OC One-Shots
First Activation Farukon activates his storage device, Project Gerhard
IXA Rise Up Masami activates IXA in front of others for the first time
Transfer Masami is transferred to Division 66 NERV
Accidental Confessions Rue hangs out with Evangeline, when something interesting occurs, exposing a heartwarming secret
Decisions and Choices Rue deliberates on some personal issues and comes to make a choice
First Date Simply put, Rue's and Evangeline's first hang out, or date :3
Enter Faiz Blitz goes on a recon mission, and get a little more thant hey were expecting
Raid The title says it all. Relative to the post above :3
Kaiser Knights Behold, Vivio's personal Knights >:3
Day in Faiz's Life A day in Suvia's life
Rescue, Kaixa Appears Suvia goes to rescue her sister, and Kaixa makes an appearance
Faiz's Family Another post in the day of Suvia's life
Special Night It is Hayate's promotion, and Hayato gets to spend an enjoyable evening with someone special
Coming to Terms Hayato tries to come to terms with what he feels for Asagi, with a little help from a friend, and the local chaplain
Sorting One's Thoughts Hayato takes a chance to sit down and think about his feelings towards a certain redhead
Suvia Strikes Taking advantage of the decrease in security, Suvia strikes and takes what's hers
Base Attack P1 P2 Having arrived at Outpost Epsilon, RF6 and NERV's team Rider detachment try to defend the outpost from an Orphnoch attack
Aftermath Days after the base evacuation, people try to go back to the status quo. Unfortunately, a few have not.

Nanoha/Fate/Hayate Trilogy
Hayate’s POV
Nanoha’s POV

OC Story
MSLN Riot Force 6
Chapter I Transfer
Chapter II Surprise Spar
Chapter III Hammer
Chapter IV Growth
Chapter V Mission Accepted
Chapter VI Belkarangers
Chapter VII Mission Start
Chapter VIII Relax
Chapter IX New Mission
Chapter X Preparations
Chapter XI Second Mission
Chapter XII New Line

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