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Good luck, Masanori Ota has been trying to correct the Wiki for weeks but there's apparently a determined misinformed person or two who insists on contradicting what is written and what is the standard romaji/kana table charts in the back of every book on japanese language. Even the site you referenced spells it properly, if you go to the Staff and Cast page, Horo's name is spelled ホロ which every single dictionary and book I have (I have dozens) translates as "HO-RO". period... that's it. there is no "LO" in any kana/romaji chart (or even an "L*" row).

Now the *pronunciation* of Horo in Japanese requires one to say "ro" the way Japanese say it (a kind of combined r/l/d sound)... but standard romaji is written "ro". I've even shown it to my native-Japanese instructor and she dubs it kind of clueless to write it "lo".

Frankly, I'm about to stop being pleasant about it and ask where these "lo" people get their clues. Just because a Japanese graphic artist had a less than lucid moment.... the source is the author of the novels who writes it ホロ and the Romaji is straightforward on the subject. Couple that with the word "Horo" being an ancient japanese (ainu) word for "wolf" and there's not much left to say. Someone who bothers to correct the Wiki should mention that as well. "Holo" isn't even a European name that I can find anywhere so that's a poor defense justifying it in the same manner as Chloe and Lawrence's name.

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