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Sheesh! Everyone is so fast w/ their works We've got until March 14th and I'm going to use the extended time! (also only free on weekends)
Everyone's looks great so far ^_^

Just my humble opinion, feel free to disagree:
1. I don't think it such a good idea for names to be listed next to entries during the voting phase since I think some people are persuaded to vote for the person they like more than actually choosing the work they find to be the best. Granted, several artists here have a distinct style, so it may be easy to guess who did which piece.
2. I also think it slightly...mmmm....strange to be allowed to post possible entries for public critique since the sig sometimes ends up a work of art affected by more than the artist's original intention. Instead of the artist's own interpretation of the theme, it can end up more as the community's idea of the theme. Is this too far-fetched of an observation?
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