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Doing this type of icon is quite simple really.

From this

To This

Crop where ever the most suitable place is as we going to need it a reasonable size when we re-size it. With this one I just cropped near her head and the part of flowers on her dress.

Now for the resizing, mine was about 100X76 it'll all depend with the contrain properties on *only for resizing this though* Copy it. New document 100X100 Crtl+V and there sits your picture. Move it around till you like where it is sitting then go ontop the next step.

Find a texture any you like, open it up and paste it as your main background eg.

Now with your picture make a stroke and pic a colour of the background to use as the stroke colour for example the colour stroke is #d3afac set it around size 3 or 4. After that go up to Drop Shadow and select a colour of the texture there *darkest colour on the texture helps* and play with the distance,size and spread

Now fill in a layer with this *just copy and paste it* And set that to Soft Light at 70%.

Then take this and set it at Exclusion 35%

Layers-New Layer Adjustment-Hue and Saturation
Saturation -14

Then use texture and set it to Screen 100% It's also possible you may need to eraser some dots if they cover the person.

Now take these two images and set the first one to Exclusion 57% and the second one to Multiply 88%

Now go to Layer-New Layer Adjustment-Graident Map and make sure to select black and white graident* Now after that lower the opacity to 50%

Now you have an option to add text I added some with it a Perpetua Italic 11pt and put it right under just over the second layer which should be your person you chose.





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