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From Macross to Ella: A Musical Journey

I have listened to many, many, many types of music during my lifetime. I have corresponded with disc jockeys of African and salsa music radio shows, have written letters about classical music, African American music, and Afro-Cuban / Afro-Latin music to major newspapers like the Los Angeles Times...

(I still have a recording of the two DJs of the African music radio show mentioning my name and my "highly informative" letter on the air.)

I have contributed customers reviews on classical music CDs at, such as the award winning recording of Johann Sebastian Bach's St. John Passion by Bach Collegium Japan under Masaaki Suzuki.

See my post in Classical music thread on the Music Forum, Glorious Bach Music, Played and Sung by Japanese Ensemble, Wows Audiences in Germany, for more information on the internationally acclaimed Japanese instrumental and vocal ensemble Bach Collegium Japan, led by music director and founder Suzuki Masaaki. They feature some of the best choral singing in the world.

Since her name has been brought up in this thread, Ella Fitzgerald is my favorite female jazz singer of all time.

Billie Holiday, Sarah Vaughan, and Dinah Washington are some of my other favorite female jazz singers.

The "First Lady of Song," Ella Fitzgerald is also my favorite female pop singer of all time.

Frank Sinatra, "Ol' Blue Eyes" himself, is my favorite male pop singer of all time.

Louis Armstrong is my favorite male jazz singer of all time.

Many agree that jazz trumpeter and singer Louis "Satchmo" Armstrong is the most influential figure in American music history - both as a musician and as a singer.

No slouch of a singer himself, Tony Bennett seems to be one of the many who would agree with that.

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