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Originally Posted by Raijinken View Post
Well, as far as weapon changes... I don't see any reason to switch from a knife. Granted, bare hands ARE sonething to be scared of, especially when he's already proven that not only can he seal off the room, but Kyon-ko suddenly can't move at all.

On the other hand... At that state of vunerability, if the bastard's holding a knife, you know what's going to happen. You're getting shanked. Bare hands though, makes it a question of how exactly he's going to do it.

But then, knives are efficiant (My spelling sucks people, if that's wrong), and that's why I think either gender of Ryou would stick with it. Slit her throat, and leave. No questions asked, and plenty of time to get away before they are.

Also, no matter what happens, Yuuki has to have a badass level equivilant to Sephiroth's when he comes in to the rescue. Killing Kyon-ko is sin, pure and simple.

...It doesn't help matters that I was still a Yuki fanboy before this happened, I guess...

That will never change.
Hm. Well, that does make a lot of sense.

I suppose I should try it both ways, and see which one works better.

Spoiler for Asakura with knife:

Spoiler for Asakura without knife:
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