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Originally Posted by The Unknown Ace View Post

That's one superb collection, dude. I like what you did to your PG Zaku; very interesting color scheme. =) Are all your models painted? I can't really tell just by looking at those pics. I only paint mine partially(sections that aren't molded in their right color), with the addition of panel lining.
Thanks, the only ones that were heavily painted were the ones that had special occasions for them, ie the Dendrobium (an entirely white kit lol), the PG Zaku (didn't like the pink), HG 1/144 Aegis (pink as well ) wait that emote is pink oh noe lol, HG 1/144 Sword Calamity (wanted to put the Sword kit to good MSV use), 1/100 Strike Freedom (bad contest choice I did lol), and the three druggies, Calamity, Raider and Forbidden (which all 3, oddly enough had mostly one color to their parts). The rest I did as you said, painted the sections that weren't molded in their respective color. What also makes my Sword Calamity special is that I didn't use Gundam markers, I used a mix of Enamel and water based paints. PG Zaku was spray painted with a graffiti style paint

And one more question: About your Dendrobium and Nueu Ziel, are those the 1/550 that are sold separately, or the 1/400 that are packed together? Either way, they look amazing. I just gotta figure out which one to get.

Yes, the Dendrobium and Neue Ziel are the HG Mechanics 1/550 models. I sure wished my 1/144 Dendrobium was in that pic, that kit mysteriously vanished in the mail shortly after posting my blog post, and that's one investment I may never see again of course, that all happened while I was not home, so here's hoping the management for my apartment have it in their office somewhere

I do like that both of those 1/550 models come with their own special display stand. I would've sued bandai if they hadn't included them
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