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Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
Fuyu-chan: take it easy and rest up, and we'll be ready for you! Let's tackle the backlog together!

*glances around at hostile gazes*

...wait, that's so full of innuendo

But considering that there's no backlog to speak of, that means...
Originally Posted by Fuyu no Sora View Post
Why is it that I'm surprised even though it's coming from you, Kha-kun?

I mean to say: Are you going to turn us all into OCs? Like for example, me, Lowe, Aaron, Kagerou, etc into OCs?
Fuyuno Sora is an OC that appears in 6 Div, and I got suck in later. So I thought, hmm what a good idea.

Now for my answer:

Tentatively for Rebuilt, Fuyuno works for Lowe Gear along with Kai in the Lowe Guild of Salvagers.

Lingo and Darco were Kai's classmates.

Night & Gale is the black and white revolver tonfa device used by Gimmy Mifuelle, and is supposedly named after Nightmare, a renown warrior of the elite Saint Guard unit, the Cadian Shock Troopers.

Aaron "008" Ralliart and T'shou Uryuu work in the Troopers' machine corps.

Lowe is still active in the Troopers, but Sora opted to be a reservist. By StrikerS, Lingo achieved a commanding rank amongst the Troopers.

Sadly, several Troopers by StrikerS have since retired, some of the most notable being the unit's "An Hero", and the Troopers' snarky and strict, but highly-respected disciplinarian "Tee-Kay".

Recently, the unit welcomed several new but nonetheless outstanding troopers into their ranks: Tabihito Reiji, , "Fiery" Aeon, "The Phoenix" Flare, Cage Rou, Johnson "Wild" Goose, "Crash" Tigerclaw, "Evil" Rick, just to name a few. Even one of Sophia's false alias, Anita Sarawak, is a registered Trooper, and she still uses that when she wants to move around Inner Space untracked.

It is rumored that a hermaphroditic entity known only as Skeith/Satashi haunts the grounds of the Troopers' hallowed firebase...

Kriss Lanza and Ghaz Gkhull are still in boot camp.

And Erio may follow wherever Caro goes, but with his original being born in Cadia City, home of the Troopers, he knows a part of him will always be a Cadian Trooper.

Bottomline: :3

Originally Posted by ghazghkull View Post
*points to signature on the bottom*

I have no idea if you've taken a look at Hayashi Hayato, but I do know that you haven't seen Reddo Farukon :3
I just realized that he really is the Red Falcon!

EDIT: Changed Tigerclaw's name as requested and added Satashi-nyan.

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