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where am I in all this? baking cookies?
Forgive me! I really didn't mean to! Stupid flu bug...

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Khrack, the sheer amount of Khrack.
But if I keep forgetting people because of my headache...

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*holds chin in thought* Hmmm, that could work.
I'd take that. :3

MO4R Khrack :3

Satty is a well-trained scout for Recce, but recently he's been listed as MIA, along with his colleague "An Hero", after a recent botched infiltration op targeting smuggling rings in the Core Worlds. The Troopers believe that they are alive and well; and fulfilling the mission as intended.

Damien Kellis is the Troopers' Librarian. As it is with other Belka units, Librarian Damien holds much clout amongst the Troopers and sources valuable information locked away in the giant Infinite Library for the Troopers to harness in battle. He is often away in the Library, climbing around shelves in the form of an orangutan as it is much more convenient a form than being a humanoid. However, if any of the junior Troopers report seeing an ape in the Cadian base, the seniors would direct them to ask Damien if he has seen one. And as most Troopers agree, "Damien rules, Ook." :3

Sean "Old Master Flamme" Sparks is part of the Troopers' training corps, and indulges greatly in the visual shaping of new Troopers' combat styles. Even senior Troopers still got to him for advice in spell-shaping. However, as he is a reservist holding a taxing civilian job to make ends meet, the veteran soldier regrets having less and less time to meet the youngsters, but nonetheless continue to make time to drop by and help out.

Flamme is assisted by Keroko when she has a spot on her schedule. Keroko holds the distinction of being one of the few honorary Troopers when she was neither born in Cadia nor a practitioner of the Belka-style of combat. However, her deft handling of Rogue Squadron, a unit much like the Shock Troopers, her prowess in battling the forces of evil as well as her involvement in many of the units' quagmire operations which always resulted in a turnaround has won her much respect amongst the Shock Troopers. Keroko prefers the male cutting of vest-and-slacks as it grants much more freedom of movement, and ties her ponytail into a long braid to keep it out of the way, and hence when she's working with the Troopers, she is often mistaken for a guy.

Like most Troopers have only pseudonyms, this Trooper is known only as Lone Wolf. He is one of the funniest guys on site, and his easy-going nature rubs well with many fellow Troopers. He likes to pull pranks, and often ends up getting bashed lady Troopers or even Mai Enna. However, no one doubts his ability to shine a positive light during the darkest hour, and everyone can depend on his ace-dogfighting and long range bombardment to gain the advantage. He is rumored to be the mastermind of the madcap Lyrical Tales series of plays that drove TSAB HQ nuts.

The Bounty Hunter is the next mysterious fellow in the Cadian ranks. Using a device named Limited Eternal and copious amounts of standard issue Cadian hotblood, he strikes hard and fast, and is gone before you can even react. Having only joined up recently, he is still an unknown to some of the veterans, but for those who have the pleasure to meet him already recognize him as a valuable part of the family.

And not forgetting the Trooper pet Wibbles. A distant cousin of the rapidly-raplicating Tribble, Wibbles is a sunshade-wearing furball that rides headlong to the frontlines on the shoulders of the Troopers' fiery leader Gho. And despite his size, Wibbles isn't shy of his share of hotblood and using a distinct feral magic known as Spirality.

Xena recently joined the Troopers at Boot Camp, but he has been diagnosed with mild schzophrenia...

Please forgive me if I forget you... I'm sick now, but I will add you to the list ASAP.

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