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1st part.
2nd part.

Here's the third. Longest as of yet.

Spoiler for Day of Sagittarius: Genderbent: part 3:

I'll admit, I'm not too happy with this section since I ported some parts from the trans one time too many. My brain fried on me.>_< (but then, that was 3 in the morning...) I seriously cannot think of an alternative to the last bits currently... Though I am happy with my reengineering of most of Kyonko's monologues, though it felt weird at times...

Anyway, I wasn't sure whether to use the TRAP!Mitsuru bit, but I guess I have no better idea :as of now. I inserted some flirtiness on Koizumi-chan's case as well.

Now the next part might be problematic because I certainly don't think Haruki would flying kick a girl despite how much of an jerk he seems. But I'll find out something...

Thanks for those who commented on the first and second parts BTW.^^

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Yagami Hayate: ver. GenerationS; Part 1, Part 2
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