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Originally Posted by beanbrew View Post
Looking over what people have written so far, I think we need some sort of honorifics guide. For example: in Aaron008R's Day of Sagittarius Kyonko refers to Yuuki as Nagato-kun while ClockWorkAngel uses Nagato-san.
My take on the matter, subject to change when consensus is reached:

Kyonko: Where the original has "Kyon-kun", it becomes "Kyon-chan" (this applies to, as far as I can tell, Itsuko, Mitsuru, Tsuruya, and her little brother). Haruki just calls her "Kyon". Yuuki never calls her by name; I'm expecting to go through some intense verbal gymnastics just for that.

Haruki: Everyone except for Kyon, Tsuruya, and Otouto, calls him "Suzumiya-san". Kyon calls him "Haruki", Tsuruya and Otouto call him "Haru-kun".

Mitsuru: Haruki calls him "Mitsuru-kun". Otouto calls him "Mitsuru-san". Tsuruya calls him "Mitsuru". Kyonko calls the small version "Asahina-sempai", and the large version "Asahina-san". Yuuki calls him "Asahina Mitsuru". Everyone else calls him "Asahina-san".

Yuuki: Haruki calls him "Yuuki", Tsuruya calls him "Nagato-kun", everyone else calls him "Nagato-san".

Itsuko: Kyonko calls her "Itsuko". Tsuruya calls her "Itsuko-chan", Otouto calls her "Itsuko-san". Yuuki calls her "Koizumi Itsuko", and everyone else calls her "Koizumi-san".

Tsuruya: Kyonko calls him "Tsuruya-sempai". Haruki calls him "Tsuruya". Everyone else calls him "Tsuruya-san".

Otouto: With the sole exception of Kyonko (who doesn't call him anything), everyone calls him "Otouto-kun".

Originally Posted by DJ_RockmanX View Post
The first quote is exactly why we can't open up with a preemptive strike. And it's not like they weren't screaming in terror. The president screamed first, then ran for the hills. Maybe she can faint when Haruki finally catches up and grabs her.

@Jintor: It was just an example.

It should be *insert hotblooded battlecry here*

Then screaming, then a chase.
I've already made my views known about battlecries (in short, I'd rather not), but unlike the "Smoking Asahina" thing, it's not that big of a deal for me.

It's not so much the concept of the battlecry as the volume. Be quieter, and I'm good.

Originally Posted by ChrissieXD View Post
Emori. From some source, it says it's a male Japanese name, and it involved minimal switching of names.
I've never heard of "Emori" as a male Japanese name, but it's not like I've made a study of such things anyway, so I don't have any real objections to it.

However, I will have to note that one of my friends has a female cat named "Emory", which will play havoc with my mental associations.

Originally Posted by DJ_RockmanX View Post
@RR: You raise good points, but it isn't our job to flesh out Itsuki in the rewritten version of the novels. We'll wait for Tanigawa to do that himself. All we have to do is translate Itsuki and the organization into the characters we're creating.
However, if we're following some of the suggestions made for the genderswap in having Itsuko be a fanservice vehicle, we may have to concentrate more on her anyway.

Originally Posted by Kaisos Erranon View Post
Mmm, it was hinted at in Volume 7 that the Tsuruya family is funding the Organization. I forget where, think Koizumi said it. Would make sense, considering Tsuruya's knowledge that most of the brigade isn't exactly human, and the absurd amount of money that the family has. Doesn't one of her relatives own a castle in Europe?
It was never outright stated that Tsuruya knows that most of the Brigade are aliens/time-travellers/ESPers, but she has said that she knows that they're not entirely normal, in some undefinable way. Her reaction was pretty much "not my business, but good luck".

Itsuki also mentioned that Tsuruya is herself not "special" (in the way the SOS Brigade is) as far as the Organization cares, meaning that she could be a magical girl on the side and they'd not know. I'm thinking that her family is much the same way: for the sake of the Organization's purposes (and the story), they're "normal", albeit very rich, probably from Old Money.

Incidentally, I really like that scene, since it shows how similarly Itsuki and I think: a side character may not have much to do with a story, but they may have fantastic stories of their own to tell.

Originally Posted by Triple_R View Post
Male Yuki wouldn't have a witch hat, though. I don't think so anyway. Probably a cloak of some sort.
I'm kind of picturing Black Mage from the Final Fantasy games, or at least the image of the typical Black Mage from the first one.

Having him dress up "like Harry Potter", even if explicitly stated so, is actually acceptable, since the Harry Potter phenomenon is definitely worldwide (HP was mentioned in ROD TV and Ichigo Mashimaro, for example), and it's plausible for Yuuki's classmates to be influenced by stuff like that.

(I'm keeping my personal views of the HP books to myself, to head off any discussion into that area.)
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