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Originally Posted by Evil Rick View Post
You are going somewere with this. Don't you?
Originally Posted by Krinen View Post
God, I hope he is.
I'd LOVE to read that. =3
You mean like a full Signum tries to train little Vivio short? If I have time I might do that it sounds fun

Originally Posted by Hiddenryuu View Post
Btw ShinySword, I was just curious , were you still writing that onsen challanege?
I got distracted. I have a good little bit of it written but I'm really stuck. here's a bit as payment for my uber off scheduleness

Spoiler for Payment:

Originally Posted by Evil Rick View Post
What's the lesson of today kids? Never piss of a mage with the power of blast you to pices
true 'dat

Edit: Whoo my first page claim! I claim this page in the name of Satashi hitting 300 reviews Congratulations! I'd be happy if MBLZ hit ten T-T

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