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Originally Posted by Evangelion Xgouki View Post
I feel...inspired...

The one word, one command, made the giant step forward. Nanoha looked forward, eyes wide in fear. “Walk.” the giant moved again, stumbling and falling. The feeling came at once, scrapes on her legs, palms itching as the mech caught itself somehow. “I can't.. I can't do it...”

“Nanoha!” Lyndy's image appeared to her left. “Stand up! You can do it.”

The scared girl in the plug suit swallowed the LCL thickly. “Stand,” She spoke her command, hands gripping the controls and trying to remember how to work them. All at once she was up again, but not on her feet. Pain flared across her chest as she flew backwards, crashing through buildings and landing on her back. “It hurts... It hurts...”

“Nanoha!” Yuuno appeared now, leaning over his desk and cheering her on. “Stand up! Fight! Believe in yourself.”

Again the girl tried to move the robot. “Come on,” She spoke again, taking comfort in her own voice. “Stand... Stand!” Her hands went to her face, clawing at the invisible hold on her, screaming suddenly from the feeling. EVA-01, code named “Raising Heart” was hauled to it's feet by it's face. The large demonic figure she was fighting gripped harder, making the girl in the cockpit scramble desperately to try and stop it. “Help! HELP ME!”


A searing hot white flash of pain.

A long white steam of energy soared from the Angel's hand, sailing into Raising Heart's forehead. Again it retreated, again it flared forward, again Nanoha cried out desperately.

“Help me,” She sobbed, back arching as she felt the pain again. “help me, help me!”

Her eyes widened, the armor on her mech shattered, the energy came again to kill her.

Nanoha opened her eyes, panting heavily as she awoke. Shaking pupils looked around the room, seeing nothing but white. A hospital room. Slowly she calmed down and tried to get her breathing back. Eyes staring above her, she could only think of one thing: “An unfamiliar ceiling...”
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