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The origin of my nick is really lame. But back in 1994 I wanted to log
on to a BBS using a friends 2400 bps modem (no joke!) and had to
make up a username. Originally it was "GHDpro94" but I removed the
year part in 1995

GHD = my initials

pro = abbreviation of "Professional" as you might guess

So as you can see... pretty lame. But I've used it for so long it kinda stuck.

I've got some other nicks too, but I hardly use them ever (maybe on
IRC or so when I don't want to be identified as the owner of AnimeSuki).

Originally Posted by Slade
7 Years? Hah! I have you beat. I've been using the name for around 9 years...
So er, I've been using it since 1994 now, that would make this year the 10th anniversary!
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