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Originally Posted by Icarisain View Post
Well, the serialization should be beyond 6 chapters by now?...I think, not too sure with the general lack of raws. The "something big", if I could call it that, mainly involves trouble between the seitokai, Natsuki's faction, and the least, if memory serves.

For all we know, this is a ploy to release a animated version in the near future so as to milk the franchise for all it's worth. =_=
Yes, the novel is indeed way past chapter 6. The Mai Hime Destiny Novel officially ended with Volume 9 of the publication, "Charano".

Just purchased the commemorative edition in Ikebukuro's Animate last week along with back issues of the remaining 2008 publications that were missing in my collection. Haven't read yet through them yet as some are still in their shrink wrap but will read through it soon when work slows down again and I'm not as jetlagged LOL.

So yes people, Mai Hime Destiny officially ended with Charano Volume 9 May 2008 edition and the cover itself contains Sifr, Rena, Shion, Mayo and Elliot.

EDIT: There's 6 other chapters that follow after the 6th chapter of Mai Hime Destiny (unless I'm missing a volume which I have to double check when I get home)...but I'm pretty sure of it since I had to do a recount before I entered the aiport Customs section LOL. Anyhow, the last chapter is 12.

And no I'm not counting the manga page inserts that were included in two issues.

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