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Another Division Idea (Has this one been done?)

Top Gun : TSAB Advanced Tactics and Combat Instructional School

This school is focused on mid to close ranged mage to mage dogfighting and any involved situations. Each of the air combat divisions are asked to send their best up coming mages to this ace flight school. Here they learn advanced tactics and combat from several TSAB veterans and instructors including Nanoha Takamachi (Post-StrikerS).

This school is formed in hopes of boosting the number of ace flying mages into the ranks of TSAB Air Forces.

Leader: Francias Marshall
Commander and Instructor of Top Gun.
(Though he tends to get stuck with more paperwork than field work)

Very rough at the moment.
Spoiler for Space:

Think Kereko would be interested in teaching few of the best kids in TSAB Air Force how to fight?
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