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Originally Posted by mercurianangel View Post
*cue delurking sound effect*

GAH! *flail*
Stop getting their expectations up XD
it can't really be "top notch" when I'm afraid of drawing...certain things

You'll see it...I dunno where we'll post it yet, but you'll see it XD

Progress report?
[19:46] Mercurian Angel: I don't like the butt close up in 12...any ideas on what else to put?
[19:46] Satashi: an extremly gay guy going what what?
[19:47] Satashi: *looks*
[19:47] Satashi: you a front view?
[19:48] *** Satashi has received
Spoiler for censored doodle-blob:

[19:48] Mercurian Angel: XD
[19:49] Mercurian Angel: that doesn't seem to work quite right

page claim for lurkers~
:3 torturing us waiting XD.

Hmm... what what
Spoiler for Crackity crack crack with butts:

Wow... writing that made my brain explode (At least what was left after watching that video O.O)
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