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6th batch.. Not that there's any visitors lately in here ;_;

First test for the SotM April contest...

A reduced sized version ..

Which lead to

With BG that I carefully redraw and cloned over .. No one like the BG.. And I cant get any other BG to work either.. SCRAPED

My entry for the SotM then became this ..

Which the first comment I received is its too dark.. And the tea is too hot/smokes annoying @.@

So I brighten it up to (and totally forgot to up in this thread)

I like the butterfly =3

A picture I found in Gundam thread.. I just had to

My lack of Sekirei chapter lead me to this. I like the animation smoothness myself, proud of it because it works Just As Planned

Another stupid animation idea .. Same as the Tsukiumi text animation..

That pose need to be sig! Also, a promotion signature to popularized Soul Eater with those recruiting calls 42 42 564 is shi ni - shi ni - go ro shii (Die Die Kill)

o_O .. Because I like the pic =3 .. And my head hurts @.@

Nippon BANZAI!!!!

Well, a fanart posted in CG image thread that I feel the urge to make a sig of it

Ikkitousen! To celebrate 3rd season full of goodness

SotM May entry. Voted to go with Suigintou as she is one hell of a tragic char. But the challenge is how to convey her tragic without depending any knowledge of RM histroy.. I think I succeed in telling her emotion with this. Ginsama ;_;

A copycat.. i failed to animate the hair while withn suki's limit

Took a while before this one is made. The original plan was to have the tail animated as well.. but the jerkyness with 5 frames animation.. and that already claiming 59kb @ 100 px height is just put off my willingness to do more.

Kairin the ASuki mascot for she need a representative in the current SotM.

14 sigs total. A note so I didnt have to count again next time

Konig monster from Macross >.< Damn scary when deployed.

Final version for the Konig sig, oh how I wished AS have bigger file size limit

Tsukiumi! Fastest gal to claimed my heart lol <3 .. Took a whole 1 panel of her in the manga to capture it <3

Telling a story to signature.. Can it be done? It sure cant with ASuki filesize limit thats for sure.. at least for an eternal battle story

W00t.. it works! IT WORKS! <3

Dedicated all my production for Sekirei anime right now.. because my legal waifu is in it <3 Tsukiumi.. This is from the ED btw

Didn't planned to join SotM:July, so just screwing around after an idea came by and refused to go away =/ Its at this time I wished for a higher filesize limit on Asuki

Yey.. more Tsukiumi sig for justice! Because Tsukiumi are mai waifu!
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