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Just some random comments before I get back to the crap storm I seem to have accidentally stirred up. Keroko is asleep anyway and though I'm loath to give it I suppose Ark deserves a response, or I might just go to sleep myself (I only slept like six hours today).

First off on Haxx, there is such a thing as going too far. Trust me I know and a part of Haxx busting is to know when to give a guy a little slack to allow for an interesting idea to be attempted. An example is awhile ago I had a small debate with Jimmy, but after making some comments on the system I basiclly said "I have some reservations, but we'll see how it acutally works in practice and you should perhaps think about these points." it ended agreeably and I think we both got some interesting thoughts from the discussion.

Haxx busting shouldn't be about attacking the other guy or belittling his ideas that's not that point and breeds bad blood and if it disproportionately applied to newbies scares them off and running off newbies is a slow death for any shared universe. I'll admit I've been only tenuously tracking this entire mess (I'll perhaps look more closely now), and so can't clearly say whose right and wrong here, but as I've said before never take anything TOO seriously people including yourself.

The point of what I tried to do here wasn't necessarily ever aimed at reducing power levels (though that was a rather probable side effect) it was mostly trying to get people to stay inside the lines of canon a bit and THINK THROUGH what they were doing. Sometimes I can be blunt about it, but as I've said repeatedly I'm not out to get people I just want them to fully consider what they're doing and how it squares with the framework we all basiclly by default agree to operate under (namely Nanoha canon). I also try not to just destroy ideas without offering any alternative. (though sometimes an idea is just bad and frankly shouldn't be done, even good authors come up with bombs now and again.)

Above all though you HAVE to remain a bit detached from all this when you start getting personal it's easy to become overzealous and too aggressive with people; reprimand when they deserve, not just because you don't like them or based on past history. Sometimes blunt and a tad brutal tactics are called for, but these ought to be exception gentler persuasion and suggesting alternatives more in line with the thread and canons premise should be the first option.

Some Munchkins are simply Munchkins and they won't ever learn, but you must never confuse a good meaning but somewhat inexperienced player with the former. I think Coma is mostly the later although with some slightly Munchkinish properties, but that's not uncommon among newbies. He should be dissuaded of such tendencies yes, but I think the hostility level here might be a bit overdone. I'm rather proud of some of what we've managed to do in this thread, with help from many others, let's not ruin it by becoming... overzealous and start attacking our own shadows in some sort of Hax witch hunt. Above all this thread ought to be about telling interesting stories and if a charater in a good story happens to be a little Hax... Well nothing can ever be perfect.

Seriously guys calm down a bit, step back, and try to look at this objectively is what Coma is proposing REALLY so bad as to warrant this level of sometimes nitpicky attack?

*Tk get's off his soap box*

That said Corm your ideas on how the Nanoha multi-verse work are... flawed IMO. I'll admit I acutally did something kind of similar myself in the past, but I've acutally been trying to downplay it recently (Administered World 82 is a very thinly disguised take off of SG-1 Earth). Basically in my view and many others the other universe factor should not be used as cheap excuse for blantant shameless crossovers. This thread is about OCs in the Nanoha universe not crossovers. It's tempting to do I know, but I think that if you really want a huge straight up crossover you should consider taking your fic else where as that's really not going to get much support here.

Adaptations are perfectly acceptable, but straight out crossovers of other series canon characters are largely frowned upon now, and for good reason IMO not least of all because allot of universes would be WAY overpowered compared to Nanoha. I know it might seem a tad weak to preach "do as I say, not as I do." but really that's what I'm saying here straight up crossovers should just be avoided. That said this dosen't mean that many concepts and such can't be ported in a manner that makes them more viable inside Nanoha canon, which IS pretty flexible.

As and example I present you a profile of a planet I recently worked up, this is world is important in the back story of several of my OC who are loosely based on Ace Combat characters if you know the plot of that game this will be familiar, but you'll note that details and have been swapped about to make it fit the verse not the other way around. The theme is maintained as are many of the important events, but it also makes sense in canon.

Spoiler for Adminstered World 273:

You might find some of our informal norms a bit chaffing at first, but IMO allot of them are for the best and based on our past experience and they still allow ALLOT of leeway if you get a bit creative instead of just trying to bum rush ahead with your original ideas refusing to change them.

Originally Posted by LimitedEternal View Post
Now that you mention it, there isn't much real dogfighting in the series, is there?
Am I like the only person that noticed this fact or something?

Somehow, I think getting Tesla drunk the honest way might be a better option...not that I'm eager to try.
You'd probably have to survive me too as I'm not big on guys that attempt to inebriate women to take advantage of them...

Well, by your own admission, you're a fan of long-range combat.
I suppose, but seriously sometimes it seems like I'm the only guy that wants to do anything beisdes charge at the enemy with a mighty battle cry or stand still and spam beams... =/

They're gonna be in trouble when the "fuck fair play" alien race comes along...
Well there is a chance they could run across someone with a more healthy doctrine that isn't a bunch of conquering dicks and adapt as well. After all there's no reason some other insetllar power has to be mad cackling conquers after all. I acutally use this approach in my crack verse basiclly a tech heavy (and magic poor) nter-dimensional power meets the TSAB and while both consider the others approach a tad odd being fairly reasonable sorts they don't just declare war on each other or something. Others aren't so nice, but exposure to other ways of doing things prepares both of them better for such things.

Just keep slogging through it. It's the end of my semester here, so I'm busier than normal too.
like I said my classes this semester turned out to be pretty much no brainers I've acutally been kind of bored.

Originally Posted by Kha View Post
We cook up our own acronyms, so RL acronyms leave us puzzled, or guessing off the mark. I missed the Pecular in SOPMOD.

*yawns away tinnitus from yell*

Hey I was just asking nicely. Okay, so Steel Talons and SOPCC for the TSAB. Fitting, since I AM bringing in Jack O'Neil for Rebuilt.
Permission granted on that by the way and thanks for the heads up. But na like I've said before all my characters are open for use so long as they're kept reasonably IC in said use.

Just too bad that O'Niel's Mammoth won't have railguns... >.>

Wait he has MARV.
He won't care what guns it has so long as they're big and Honkin'.

Originally Posted by arkhangelsk View Post
Actually, the films show exactly how it is possible to square the circle, to give fighters a chance to show their worth w/o making them some kind of capship shield pummeler.

They sink ships both in novels and film, but the way they do so is Heaven and Earth. In the canon deck, it is made clear that fighters are in fact almost useless, and they do what they do under special circumstances like if the enemy is gracious enough to let you enter the innards of their ship. Or create special holes for you to hit. Or have the shields downed by other capships (made very clear in the novelization).

In the games, you just shoot protorps.
This much we can agree on the EU totally departed from the movies and wanked fighters to an insane degree. Just look at the Battle of Naboo they're pounding off torps all over and the Trade Fed ship is tanking them easily and those are converted freighters basically glorified Q-Ships. Star Wars in general has one of the weakest justification for Fighters in sci-fi. They seem to exist mainly to fly into insanely overpowered super weapons and blow them up and to fight each other and only survive because Caps ships are apparently forbidden by law from mounting effective AA guns...
That about sums it up.

Originally Posted by Wild Goose View Post
But it's so fun to make your eyes spin! XD (Besides this was a lot calmer than if TK unleashed his guns on you.)
Acutally I should blast you too since you basiclly just said you're going to take one of my OC groups and split it apart without even asking. As above though yes you may do so.

2 L. O'Neill with 2 l. There's another O'Neil with only 1 L, he has no sense of humor.
Acutally this one is back to one L in a lame attempt to make him "different" then the real SG-1 version.

Originally Posted by Kha View Post
Yes indeed, though not so much for Nanoha. >.>

Ah I see...

But so much more GAR.


Got it.
O'Neil isn't GAR nor is that where he draws his mad skillz from, no he has the power of SNARK.

Originally Posted by Kagerou View Post
That doesn't explain your Vita fetish.

Originally Posted by LimitedEternal View Post
Oh, well played.

*joins Kagerou in running*
Originally Posted by Evangelion Xgouki

Better run faster
They shouldn't bother they'll only die tired.

And besides it's not like those two aspects are the only things that can make someone likable to me for instance...

Blatant Gratuitous Overkill is another thing I happen to enjoy.

*Tk wanders up to the smoking remains of of LE and Kagerou and starts monologuing*
Spoiler for Tk rambles aimlessly about himself due to a lack of sleep:

Also if you read all that shit you can see I can and often do analyze ANYTHING in insane detail.

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