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And lastly
Spoiler for Part 3:

And lastly some author ramblings!

Not much action going on in this chapter and not much Vita either, but hey let’s face it investigations aren’t really her thing so what are you gonna do? So what WAS she doing for most of this? Taking allot of naps perhaps? Fear not though she’ll be back to show off what she’s best at next chapter… indiscriminate destruction.

Felix of course is still around plenty being the main character and all and a couple of background guys of mine get some spotlight too mainly Atuwe and O’Neil who shows that yes he DOES do something besides nap in his office all day. Irene is around quite a bit too and her and Felix seem to get on rather well…

This chapter acutally ended up bigger then I expected and I even edited some scenes out that I felt didn’t really add allot to the plot and were holding up my progress. It was mostly some Vita/Pixy stuff and a bit of fluff about the Recon teams forming up which I admit in this final product feels a tad forced and rushed, but I was tired of this chapter and wanted to move on. I may write these up later as Sound Stages of a sort. (Probably not being the lazy bum I am)

When will the next chapter arrive you ask? Why when it’s done of coruse!

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