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*yawns and chucks a Khrack grenade to kickstart the study break*


"It's pronounced SO-PACK. Now repeat after me: SOOO-PAAACK."

With the Succession War over, the GDI tasked the military's Special Operations & Private Contractor Command, or SOPCC, with the goal of reducing and eliminating the aggressive threats of the Rim Worlds. SOPCC's mission was to "invade" the Red Zones polluted by CPMB weaponry and commence reclamation operations. In addition, SOPCC had to defend such operations against foreign, terrorist and alien attacks, even downright putting them down for good.

Due to the nature of the assignment and the dangers of being exposed to biochemical hazards and environments for prolonged periods of time, SOPCC is filled with some of the most capable, battle-hardened veterans in the GDI/TSAB, and hence are exempt from the "Concentration of Power" Limiter regulations usually placed on any other Division. This eliteness can be seen from day 1, when command of ZOCOM was first given to C. Elena Renteria, one of the first women to rise to the rank of general in the GDI, and was one of the old guard that oversaw the founding of the TSAB. Though Midchilda by birth, she grew up in the wastelands of Draenor, following her scientist parents around as their team worked tirelessly to reverse the corruption of the shattered lands.

Elena may have long passed on, but her tough-as-nails resilience and can-do attitude still burns strong in present-day SOPCC despite being on the receiving end of much recent "bullshit-politics and even-bullshitter commanders", as their current "eccentrically charismatic" leader Gen. Jack O'Neill puts it. SOPCC forces are clad in contaminant-resistant Hazardous Environment Jackets (HEJs) that protects them from their work and makes them very difficult to take down in battle. And their years at the frontlines have honed their skills, tactics, and their technologies; for example, SOPCC has access to various cutting-edge anti-scientific magitechnologies, like the experimental arcane explosives that packs a tactical punch far greater and yet far safer than its scientific equivalent. They recently reverse-engineered Stargate technology for use on their ZAKU Raider troops, giving them the ability to teleport to where they are needed quickly, on top of being a mage-portable Armor Device capable of using the heavy arcane explosive systems.

Together with their anti-scientific battle tank developed late in the Jail Incident, the EM Shatterer, SOPCC is an incredibly durable and rugged force on the battlefield that retains the TSAB's edge at the Rim Worlds while it regrettably rots from within.

Due to their experience and work requirements, almost all of SOPCC forces were assigned Rimward, and with only a relative handful on Midchilda working in the Plaguelands. They also emphasize mages over vehicles, and so eschew some lighter non-garrison vehicles, like the Predator standard battle tank and the Pitbull recon vehicle.

StrikerS begins for SOPCC with O'Niell's cantankerous excursion through the Southern Plaguelands aboard his latest toy, the Mammoth Armed Reclamation Vehicle (MARV). There, he crossed paths (Felix: "Make that almost running over. ") with the Cleric and his protege Erio on a mission with interesting conclusions.

O'Niell kicking things off with a bang? Just another day at work!

Unique technologies

- ZAKU Raiders
- EM Shatterers
- Storm Rocketeer transports
- Flag Fighters in place of Hammerhead Mageships
- Can Recruit 4 Aces instead of 1
- Stargate that can Gate the MARV into anywhere on the battlefield once it's ready. Also doubles as a unit transport
- Arcane Explosives upgrade for various units
- Advanced voidspace Tactical Powers

- No Predator battle tanks and Pitbulls. EM Shatterers replace Pitbulls in Bloodhounds drop.

*runs from TK for Rebuilding his faction without prior permission*

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