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Originally Posted by Sephi View Post
I would like to give the honor of doing that to the next SOTM winner to make the banners if they want to.

As for the banner. It comes over as big, everything feels very big... The size and render choice probably just amplifies that. Not necessary a bad thing though. But just my impression.

Best of luck with the future SOTM Solace. Unless i feel really called to it. I'll be honing my gfx skills for awhile somewhere.
Not a problem. If the winner isn't interested in creating a banner I'll just whip one up.

I was waiting for someone to mention the size. It didn't really seem so big when working on it, then it was posted and I was like hmmm.....future versions will be shrunk a bit. Don't really need a banner that takes up half the post.

I understand your feelings Sephi, and I might have done the same if only I wasn't also running the contest. Is this "somewhere" shareable? If so, pm me. I'm always looking for new places to learn gfx skills.

Originally Posted by Sephi View Post
Iirc it has been discussed. I think in case of a collab sig winning the two who did the collab can decide on the theme. Or i must have mistaken it for some other place. Or my imagination is a bit to lively.

In any case Solace should have the last word on it
I don't recall it coming up before now, actually. But your suggestion is how I would have handled such an entry. I don't mind collab sigs. As long as all parties get equal credit for it.
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