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I'm beaten due to never seeing Macross 7 :P. What were the specifics of the Protodeviln and their inter dimensional generator things.

Weren't they Super Zentradi that were possesed by beings from another dimension? Were they possessed due to the aforementioned generators? Also is it possible that the generators were grafted when they proverbially came out of the vat? (if that's how zentraedi or protodeviln are born, they were manufactured so to speak right?)
Protodevilin are beings from another universe that need to feed upon energy (called spiritua). They don't reproduce at all, and the seven who came into the Macross universe are the only ones that exist. And the Zentradi that were possessed by the Protodevilin were called... the Supervision Army!

Wikipedia has a pretty good write-up of the Protodevilin; it spoils a bit about the background and abilities of the Protodevilin, but very little of Macross 7 itself. Go ahead and check it out if you want to find out more about them.
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