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Meh, I personally enjoyed this episode enough to come here and post about it - taking out the usual fun cheese you expect from Macross (heart formations synchronizing with the song... the expected PUSH-GIRL-INTO-BOY bit...) I thought it actually felt a bit more coherent and smooth than usual. For example the cutting and timing of scenes felt nice and there weren't any strange camera movements that annoyed me.
I even giggled a bit during the restaurant scene when Luka quietly zipped off when Ranka and Alto started talking. Nice one there

Spoiler for rambling on teh animation:

I do have a problem with the concert scene though, and it isn't the "off-model animation" but the colours and application of special effects to her hair. It doesn't fit the animation style that much. And while the movement is great (I think the best part was that slightly long shot where she's singing "jibun no hikouki") I wish some movements were a bit slower. I guess it wouldn't have worked out in terms of frames, or time taken to animate...

For anyone who's interested this episode's storyboard was done by Kazuki Akane (Escaflowne, Heat Guy J, Noein etc) and most of the key animation was not outsourced to other countries, it seems more full of young people, the only two I clearly recognize are yama (Shingo Yamashita, apparently he did the concert scene; I'm pretty sure some insider would've denied it on 2ch by now if it was otherwise) and coosun (Kenichi Kusuna, originally a GIF animator)

And it seems like a good part of the in-between animation was done in Japan too (I can only imagine Madhouse and Nara Animation using mostly non-Japanese) so... Right I'm done.
Thanks for the fish
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