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Originally Posted by Satashi View Post
Spoiler for Story:

Originally Posted by Kai the Reaper View Post
I finally finished chapter two of Medieval!Nanoha. It's mostly talk and explanations, but I'm hopefully trying to get some action started in chapter three.

Spoiler for [Medieval!Nanoha] Chapter 2:

Spoiler for Something that's supposed to be Notes::
Not Bad Kay
Fate! O3O
So I was right, that bow was raising Heart
Keep going, can't wait for more

Sorry guys, yesterday was a really bussy day so I couldn't post the next chapter of Vatican Knights, I don't know how but a mouse was able to get inside my kitchen and I past all the day trying to catch it, today I succeded

That experience inspired me to make a cartoon lol

Spoiler for As of Ases?:

Today I will release the next chapter of Vatican Knights
Err... any body remember were I posted the list of Nanoha's Victims? By accident I delete mine
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