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Since everyone wanted it so much.. here's a tutorial to animate water so you'll have something like this

To make the water, you'll have to learn how to use displacement filter (filter -> distort ->displace) ...


You can just cheat and download this free plugin here Download and install before attempting tutorial.

We'll start with the source pic .. cropped for obvious reason
Spoiler for pic 1:

Make a new layer (layer 1 by default) then on the new layer brush you water portion .. This will be animated later.. I then control-click the layer then go to filter-> render->cloud .. repeat as necessary to find a good pattern.
Spoiler for pic 2:

Change the layer blending mode and lower the layer opacity.. Mine on Saturation ->36% opacity
Spoiler for pic 3:

Turn off that layer (layer 1) then apply image (depending on how many frames you want). Hide all those applied image layers but 1. Control click on layer 1 so the you get the marching ants.
Spoiler for pic 4:

I forgot to turn on the eye for the selected layer (layer 4 in my case)

While its selected go to filter -> almathera -> a puddle and play around with the option .. take note of the top reflection as it tends to reset after each use and also take note of the perspective value as well
Spoiler for Pic 5:

Repeat above step on the other applied image layer, make sure the reflection value is the same, but change the perspective value (adding 5-10 to the previous value each time - I added 5 each time)

You can change the layer blending mode and opacity on each layers if you want.. Mine on luminosity @50% opacity

All that left now is to animate them. Window->animation if your animation window isnt visible then turn every applied image off but one .. refer to pic4, I have 3 layers, so I turn 2 layers off for first frame. toggle each one in sequence for every frame you have..

Spoiler for result:

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Easy as pie
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