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'Dear Elhit'
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Trivia question: is that a daisy or a crysanthemum in the Library Corps' logo?

Logically, it ought to be a crysanthemum because it symbolises the Emperor. But on closer look, it resembles a daisy more. According to the Japanese language of flowers, a daisy represents "faith". Faith in truth and knowledge, perhaps? Moreover, it might be significant that the Library Corps chooses not to associate itself with the Emperor.

Even if it is a crysanthemum, it's white. A white crysanthemum represents "truth". Flower for thought.


I've finally viewed all three subs and these are my opinions:

1) TSHNN: Arguably the weakest of the three, but it was the first to be released. Furthermore, it seemed like a speedsub, so I think it is unreasonable to expect more.

2) Ocha!: They're the only one to have used HD raws so far. Unfortunately, the subtitles suffer from grammatical and typographical errors. They've also gone for a literal translation, so some sentences come out awkward in English. However, if it's video quality you want, then this is the sub to get.

3) Euthanasia: The strongest of the three, in terms of quality of translation and typesetting. Unfortunately, they've used a SD video source, so the picture quality suffers.

That said, my heartfelt thanks to all three groups. We've gone from zero to three fansubs within a week, after three weeks of no subs. Good effort everyone. Please keep it up.

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