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Well, I pretty much read through most of this entire thread and I have to say, there are some really remarkable ideas being thrown around and while I really want to address all of them, I don't want to go on and on. Not only that, but at this stage of the game, nobody in this thread is more right or wrong than another. Which is something I think we need to remember when discussing things like this.

First, I'd really like to address the remarks made concerning Norse mythology. Personally, I'm a huge, huge fan of Norse mythology and I've read quite a bit dealing with the Aesir and the Vanir. Honestly, guys, I can't see where there are any real Norse connections with the show, excluding the mention of Ragnarok. To be fair, it can't be overlooked the prevalence of Germanic oriented stuff. I mean, Schneider (Schneizer? How does he spell it?) sticks out in my mind as a huge flashing light. So, while I think, down the road, we could see more Norse/Germanic themes ushered in, I don't necessarily believe they'll have much to do with C.C. Then again, it could easily be argued that the carvings on the door of the ruins may have resembled Yggdrasil. However, at this point in time, I don't think that has much to do with C.C.

However, I personally am on the side of C.C. being a type of Goddess or, as nobody's suggested, a God in Goddess form. In other words, typically, the character she's based off of or personifies, would be a male, but in the anime, they made him into a female character for whatever reason. (To be honest, while reading, I briefly entertained the idea that C.C. was a female version of Loki, but eventually dismissed it.) I think she's embodies something with a touch of the divine for sure, but as to who or what, I don't know and nobody here could know. The argument made for Eris was a good one, however, I think I'm more inclined to fall in line with the Morrigan group. Perhaps the green hair has forced me to associate her with the Morrigan from the classic Darkstalkers video game, but from what I know of Morrigan in myth, which I'll admit isn't much, it would seem that C.C. would probably fit well with her description.

Though, if I were to really commit to any suggestion made in this thread, it would have to be, absolutely have to be, the connection with the Arthurian tradition. I read that a few of you were saying that the Arthurian tradition is applied solely to the machines of the series, but I disagree. I think, yes, the Knightmares are named after a knight, but that name also carries with it the characteristics of that character. For instance, Lancelot is notorious for acting first and not exactly having a strong head on his shoulders. Personally, I would make the argument that this description fits Suzaku quite well. Without going into a real in-depth look at the Lancelot/Gawain dynamic, it's clear that those names, while applied to the knightmares, has other meanings that do affect the characters.

That being said, I just wanted to bring to everyone's attention the poem, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. I mean, here we have Lelouch in the knightmare called Gawain with a green haired sidekick at his side. If you haven't read the poem, you can quickly Wiki it and get a gist. I realize that the Green Knight in the poem is far from identical with that of C.C. in the anime, but I think the motifs are still there. I think C.C. is there to test Lelouch and that she is both his friend, as well as his enemy. I also feel that, like the Green Knight, C.C. has a touch of the mystical about her. I can't stress enough that I don't mean she is a literal copy of the Green Knight, but that she is doing for Lelouch what the Green Knight did for Gawain. I think that just by reading through the Wiki article, you can understand what I mean.

To summarize, I think C.C. is Lelouch's Green Knight and while I realize that doesn't give a real definitive answer as to what exactly C.C. is, I think it hints to what she could be and, ultimately, what role she will play in the finale of the series. And by extension of that, I strongly recommend we analyze the Arthurian tradition in order to discover the true meaning behind C.C. and her origins.

Sorry for such a long post...
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