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After making my post earlier, I felt compelled to get my copy of Sir Gawain and the Green Knight out and basically just browse through it. I found some incredible similarities between C.C. and the Green Knight and I would like to share them with you guys now.

I'll quickly summarize the initial meeting of Gawain and the Green Knight to give an idea. Basically, Arthur and his crew is sitting around celebrating the New Year and the Green Knight walks in. He issues a challenge to Arthur saying that Arthur can get a free shot at him with his axe, which Arthur could then keep, and in a year and one day, Arthur would have to find the Green Knight and then the he, the Green Knight, would get a free shot on Arthur. Well, Gawain, proclaiming himself to be the weakest of the knights, asks to have the honors. Gawain gets up and chops off the emerald hued knight's head. Well, the Green Knight walks over, picks his head up, and just sorta leaves.

Okay, so that's like, the main idea. Doesn't sound very much like it has anything to do with C.C., right?

I think the one thing that sticks out the most is how when Lelouch first met C.C., she was killed and in turn, gave him the Geass. This is the same as Gawain killing the Green Knight and, in turn, receiving his axe.

Also, the Green Knight is obviously immortal and able to bounce back from just about any fatal blow. Similar to how C.C. is able to be shot, stabbed, or burned and she keeps on coming back. Obviously, this implies the mystical aspect of C.C. in the same way that the Green Knight has some sort of magic surrounding him.

I would like to quote a line from the poem, "Recount we are contract, ere you come further." In this part of the poem, Gawain is coming over to chop off the Green Knight's head, but before the Green Knight enters into a "contract" with Gawain, he wants to know his name. It goes without saying that part of C.C.'s character is the fact she repeatedly tells Lelouch that they have a contract.

Gawain knows nothing about the Green Knight, yet he still enters into a contract with him. Similar to how Lelouch enters into a contract with C.C. without really knowing the details, heck, without even knowing who, or what, she is. Again, the Green Knight has green skin...what is he?!

It's also worth mentioning in this encounter that Gawain calls himself "weak" and I thought that was a pretty clear parallel to Lelouch's situation where his father proclaims him to be weak. Could imply the father is Arthur? Just an added tidbit.

To do a little bit of fortune telling, I look to the end of the poem. After Gawain has had a huge adventure, and has faced many perils, finally, he finds the Green Knight. The Green Knight goes to chop off Gawain's head and Gawain flinches. The Green Knight tells him he reneged on the agreement 'cause he didn't flinch when he got his head hacked off. Then Gawain convinces him to do it again and this time, the Green Knight just sort of nicks Gawain's neck. Gawain spasms out and tells the Green Knight he has fulfilled his agreement. It is then explained, by the Green Knight, that he had orchestrated all of the perils that Gawain had gone through.

Perhaps this is going to be how C.C. handles Lelouch in the end of the series? Where it proves once and for all that she was simply manipulating him as a way to achieve her own means. C.C. strikes me as the manipulative type and I definitely think she's got her own agenda in mind.

Oh, and just to add fuel to the Goddess theory: Morgan le Fay made the Green Knight into the Green Knight and, well, she was basically behind the whole poem.

Please, take that as you will.
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