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Soooo who wants to read my long ass spiel about Electronic Warfare in Nanoha and my prototype character for the specialization?

*crickets can be heard*

Well screw you I'm posting it anyway prepare to be buried under an avalanche of technical and tactical jargon maggots!

First off we have an 3,000 word in character essay as a primer!
Spoiler for Tactical Babble GO!:
That was fun to ready wasn't it?! Now let's see how we can apply all this wonderful tactical theory can be applied to a character!

Spoiler for Rebecca Keller:

Ahhh that felt good! I just love droning on and on about tactics and strategy, wouldn't you all agree?
*Everyone in the thread posters and OCs alike can be seen to be asleep with many of them drooling.*
Well I though it was interesting.

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