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I felt so unreal at that moment...I can't describe my happiness, really, I've been waiting for that concert since so long I couldn't believe it would happen, but it did! And so fabulously! I've lost my voice since then lol *too much Hyde fangirlism lead to that result *
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I loved when they sang "Stay away" : they switch their instrument each time !!!
Yup! I think I heard Yukihiro singing for the first time xD! It was so sweet! ^^

Each one of them made a French talk, that was really touching

When they began to sing Kasou, I felt so much nostalgia, it reminded me of my early fandom when I discovered Laruku, and the reason why I love them so much.
Honey was the best surprise for me ^^b

I'll be sure to get the DVD once it will come out, a memory to treasure. For the time being here are some little videos ^_~

Kasou Neo Universe Honey

It was really Heaven!

Let the good times roll!
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