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17 - Hayate no Omoi
17 - Hayate's Thoughts/Feelings

Subaru: Ah~… Baths on this world are like entertainment.
Teana: Yeah, tell me about it…
Caro: Subaru-san! Tea-san!
Erio: Hey, Caro, don’t pull!
Subaru: Hm? Oh, it’s just Erio. You came after all.
Teana: You wanna join us?
Caro: Yes.
Subaru: Erio, you don’t have to be so nervous. Forwards should be naked together (HUH? O_O; er. The implication being, as Forwards they should be used/naturally seen/go naked together… er…)
Teana: You’re still a kid, so you mind as well take/have a good look.
Subaru: She’s right. Well then, get Tea’s towel like so and… OPEN!
Teana: What the hell are you doing!
Subaru: OW~… But you said he mind as well get a good look so…
Subaru: OW~! AH~! OUCH! OWIE, OWIE!
Erio: Ah, it’s all right! It’s all right!
Nanoha: Hey you guys don’t make such a racket.
All: Yes ma’am.

Hayate: It looks like all the members of Mobile Six are getting along splendidly.
Signum: Though they are a bit too boisterous.
Vita: But they’re doing their jobs at least.
Suzuka: You know, instead of being like a unit… they’re more like classmates or something like that.
Arisa (???): I see it that way too. (bad translation, can’t hear)
Shamal: It’s fun.
Hayate: Even so, I really want to wrap this up quick and enjoy some peace. It’s been so busy lately; I can’t even sekuhara the rookies.
Alisa: Hayate! What the hell are you saying right now!! (or You just said something completely unbelievable!)
Shamal (Suzuka?): Hayate’s sekuhara isn’t that way… it’s more of a fun skinship between girls…
Hayate: Subaru and Teana are just right for groping now and it looks like Caro’s going to develop quite nicely.
Shamal: Yup!
Arisa: So… is Hayate still a groping maniac?
Signum: Er, well…
Vita: She won’t do it at the workplace as you might expect but…
Signum: To underlings who been with her a long time and associates… sometimes…
Shamal: At our division/headquarters/place Shirley, Alto and all the communication members have all been felt up. Thought it looks like Shirley returned the favour and had some fun.
Arisa: Well, me, Nanoha and others got felt up quite a bit by you before.
Hayate: Personally speaking, I brag how I contributed to the development of everyone’s healthy bust. (Jap: kojinteki ni ha minna no kenzen na bust up kouken shita to jifu shite iru.)
Arisa: Er, well… Ah, well your boob mania is tolerable (okay, fine), but try to keep the sekuhara (sexual harassment) to a minimum.
Hayate: Oh, it’s all right. I only do it to people who don’t mind/who’ll forgive me.
Fate: Hey, Erio, Caro, come on over.
C+E: Okay~!
Subaru: Ugh… I think I’m overheated. Master Sergeant Rin, you okay?
Rin: Urgh… I’ve been hit too~…
Teana: Hey you, cool down with some cold water soaked towels. You too Master Sergeant Rin.
Hayate: Our dreamed of division/unit. Starting out so fitfully. I hope that we can solve this incident without any problems and continue our tomorrows peacefully. (Jap: Konna no fisuto no katachi de hajimareta. Kono mama massugu nani goto ga naku Konkai no jiken wo kaiketsu shite, Sorezore no ashita ni tsunagete iketara ii na.)
Signum: I am confident it will.
Vita: Yeah.
Suzuka: I’m think it’ll be all right. Hayate-chan, Nanoha-chan, Fate-chan, if you three are together, you’ll be completely invincible.
Arisa: Those other kids seem like they’re capable too.
Hayate: Thanks a lot.
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