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Will tackle the backlog later. But for now, it's time to introduce the 'Prince'.

~Rebuilt of~
~Grandis Lacetti~

Basic Stats:
Spoiler for Basic Stats:

Spoiler for Profile:

Spoiler for Personality:

Spoiler for Relationships:

Knight Armor:
Spoiler for Knight Armor:

Spoiler for Device:

Fighting Style:
Spoiler for Fighting Style:

Rare Skill:
Spoiler for Rare Skill:

Grandis spell list is classified under three categories. They usually depend on the type of Magic Color he is projecting at any given time.

Spoiler for All categories:

Flame/Earth Set:
Spoiler for Flame/Earth Set:

Water/Ice Set:
Spoiler for Ice/Water Set:

Wind/Lightning Set:
Spoiler for Lightning/Wind Set:

Full Drive Exclusive Spells:

Spoiler for Full Drive Spells:

I know, I know. He's seemingly way different from the cocky and confident Grandis that we all knew from the past. But I just had to do this. I felt something missing every time I reread Grandis' old profile. And I found out that 'I wanted to do something very different'. The old Grandis was likeable, sure. But there was a degenerancy with him that bugged me. Like with Aurion, I intend to completely break apart the common character mold and even some of the tropes in order to get a result as uniquely my own as possible! And so, Ohji Grandis came to be. How often does the non-hotblooded cool guy get the main girl? Don't worry, he's just more (MUCH more) refined now. The interactions with Hayate later on will still entail the same roguish flair. And I'd have to apologize in advance if anybody is planning or my have already written anything that involves an "Ore" Grandis. This is how he is now. And I intend to make him as likeable a character as possible! Oh. And making HayateXGrandis a success is a must too. ><

Comments? He's much, MUCH less HAXX now compared to the old version. Though I'm open to some more suggestions. Thanks in advance.

EDIT: Added pic.:3

OC Profiles
Yagami Hayate: ver. GenerationS; Part 1, Part 2

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