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Originally Posted by TheFluff View Post
They don't even maintain their database very much themselves, they rely on fans to update it for the most part.
You're half right and half wrong about this, in a sense. We have about 600,000 pieces of information submitted by non-staff and 200,000 submitted by staff. So about 1/4 of the information in the encyclopedia is staff submitted. Although, this does not include the amount of incorrect crap we (the encyclopedia staff) have to sort though. This isn't counted in that total, but I can tell you, we go through a shit load of error reports everyday. It's a rather tedious thing to do with little or no reward or satisfaction coming from it.

In a sense though, you can consider us not even staff. Frankly, the encyclopedia staff is treated like crap, we don't get payed, and we do a shit load of work. We do it just out of our free time. I can see the encyclopedia falling apart without us staff (particularly, dormcat does way more than he should). With the encyclopedia falling apart, I can also see the whole site falling apart. In fact, some of our staff have just left because of how poorly we are treated. Why am I still doing it? I actually love the encyclopedia and genuinely enjoy submitting information. Still, I'm rather annoyed by how little appreciation we are given.

Zac doesn't seem to give a shit about the encyclopedia either. He's submitted a total of 40 pieces of information to the encyclopedia (9 of which have proven to be false information). And he's only posted once in the encyclopedia forum (and that was just to lock a thread). He mostly only cares about his column and reviews.
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