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Here's another one of my creations, made especially for the Naruto Character Creation Contest May 2008. The theme is Water Users.

Name (surname, given name): Itokawa Daisuke (糸川 大輔)
Sex: male
Age: 17
Affiliation: Takigakure (“Village Hidden in the Waterfall”), in the Land of the Waterfall.
Height: 5'9"
Eye / Hair Color: Brown / Black
Clan/Additional Affiliation(s): Itokawa Clan, Saito Kazuya (斎藤 和哉, chuunin)
Sensei (surname, given name): Kawada Mizuko (川田 水子, jounin)
Squadmates (surname, given name):Oka Kaito (岡 海翔, chuunin) and Shimazu Miyu (島津 美結, chuunin)
Class/Rank: None/Chuunin
Kekkei Genkai (Bloodline Limit): N/A
Elemental Affinity: Water
Contract Summoning: Otter
Preferred Weapon(s): Kunai knives and explosive tags, six-foot long wax wood staff, tanto (hidden).
Usual Attire / Appearance: Daisuke wears the standard Takigakure blue flak jacket, grey fatigues, and headband stamped with the village symbol. He wears black leather fingerless gloves with plates inscribed with the village symbol, as well.
Miscellaneous: Daisuke is largely a ninjutsu user, but he is quite skilled at taijutsu as well. He shows almost zero aptitude for genjutsu, although has trained to be able to break it. He keeps his tanto in a hidden sheath on his back, and only draws it either when he really needs or to take the enemy by surprise in the middle of a fight. It can’t stand up to too many direct impacts because it is somewhat thin. He has a thin scar on his right hand shaped like a backwards “L”, a result from the surgery he had to have on his hand after he broke it during the Chuunin Exams.

Daisuke’s life growing up as a child was not much different from any other child’s growing up in a village full of shinobi. He attended the Academy when he came of age, and eventually graduated with his team, which was Takigakure Team Four along with his teammates Kaito Oka and Miyu Shimazu.

When the Chuunin Exams in Konohagakure (“Hidden Leaf Village”) took place, the Team Four genins competed, but they and the other Takigakure group that attended the Chuunin Exams didn’t even make it to the third stage of the examinations. Stinging with failure, they spent the next two years training hard for the next Chuunin Exams. They made it, if only barely. Daisuke broke his hand in the middle of his final match in the exam’s final stage, after he attempted to stab his opponent with his tanto. He only succeeded in nicking his opponent’s shoulder, and the tanto’s thin blade snapped and the force of the attempt broke his hand and wrist. He was able to fight his opponent to a standstill, and the match was declared a draw when neither could go on fighting any longer. The resulting surgery to fix his hand left a scar on the top of his hand where the thumb meets the wrist.

His teammates beat their opponents rather handily because their water type jutsu had an advantage over the fire-type ninjutsu their opponents used.

Daisuke has always been the weakest on the team, but nevertheless strives to better himself, if for no reason other than he doesn’t want to burden his teammates. He also is set on being better than his sensei, Mizuko Kawada, whose tough training always pushes Daisuke to his limits. She trains with Daisuke often because she understands his desire to become stronger, but also worries that his impetuous behavior might get the better of him one day and put the squad in hot water, so to speak.

Water Style Techniques (Ninjutsu):
Mizu Bunshin no Jutsu ("Water Clone Technique") - Forms clones out of water, which are much like any other type of clone technique (e.g. shadow/rock/mist clones). They are typically destroyed with one hit. Depending on how many are made (Daisuke can make as many as 3 at a time), the chakra consumption is low to high. E-rank, supplementary, all ranges. Hand Signs: Tiger, Ox, Dragon

Mizu Shuriken no Jutsu (“Water Shuriken Technique”) - Creates a shuriken out of water and hurls it at an enemy. Works best if he is near an open body of water (e.g. a lake or a spring). Otherwise, it takes a lot of chakra to conjure it. D-rank, offensive, all ranges. Hand Signs: Tiger, Dragon, Snake, Rooster

Tajuu Mizu Shuriken no Jutsu (“Mass Water Shuriken Technique”) - Sends out more than one water shuriken, but requires exponentially increasing amounts of chakra because he also has to control their flight, making sure they don’t break apart mid-flight. Naturally, this requires a lot of concentration. The user is quite vulnerable to direct attacks while performing this jutsu. Chakra consumption is moderate to high, depending on the amount made and if there is a body of water nearby to provide the water. C-rank, offensive, all ranges. Hand Signs: (Tiger, Ox)*, Snake, Rooster
* Note: This section is repeated for each Water Shuriken created.

Suiton: Suirou no Jutsu (“Water Release: Water Prison Technique”) - A technique that utilizes water to imprison an opponent. The ninja forms the necessary hand seals which causes the water to form around the target into a spherical prison which only allows for very limited movement. Susumu must keep their body touching the water prison to maintain the technique. If the contact is broken, the water falls away and the target is released. When combined with a clone technique, Susumu can have the clone or himself maintain the water prison while the other attacks. C-rank, supplementary, very short range (0-1m). Hand Signs: Sheep, Snake, Tiger, Rabbit, Snake, Dragon, Rabbit, Rooster (must keep in contact with water prison to maintain technique)

Suiton: Mizurappa ("Water Release: Violent Water Wave") - After performing the necessary hand signs, the Daisuke fires a very powerful jet of water from his mouth. This attack is extremely powerful up close, and easily has the power to break bones if the target is within ten meters. It has the approximate power of a very strong punch if further away. B-rank, offensive, short to mid-range (0-10m). Hand Signs: Rat, Dragon, Rooster, Horse

Suiton: Mizu no Uzu no Jutsu ("Water Release: Water Vortex Technique") - This technique utilizes water to create a spinning tornado of water that surrounds the user. This technique is an effective defense and can be a powerful attack mechanism if the ninja sends the top of the vortex crashing down around him. The water rotates with enough speed to knock an enemy unconscious. Chakra consumption is average, but increases the longer the technique is held (due to the vortex eventually becoming unstable). A-rank, defensive/offensive, all ranges. Hand Signs: Tiger, Ox, Monkey, Rabbit, Ram, Boar, Ox, Horse, Monkey, Tiger, Dog, Tiger, Snake, Tiger, Ox, Monkey, Rabbit, Rooster

Other Ninjutsu:
Kuchiyose no Jutsu ("Summoning Technique") – Daisuke can summon otters to fight with him. He cannot yet summon the “boss otter”, Atsuo (厚尾), but can summon smaller ones that still prove to be useful. They use a Water Style technique called Mizu Tsume no Jutsu (Water Claw Technique) that forms three large spikes out of water and rakes them across the opponent several times. These claws made out of water are not as sharp as say, Wind Style ninjutsu, but can still put a good dent in rock. The otters are most effective in or near water. Their performance suffers greatly on dry land.

Other Little Factoids:
Hit: Sweets
Miss: Spicy food
Favorite Food: Chocolate bars
Least Favorite Food: Curry
Goals: To surpass his sensei, Kawada Mizuko, become a jounin
Favorite Pasttime: Diving and swimming, of course!

Spoiler for Waterfall Village Symbol:

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