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This is a compilation of all the Original Characters created in this thread, with links to their original posts, made to make it easier for newcomers and everyone else to find other people's works.


1: Link to the profiles of course
2: If it's a new profile, it requires to have been approved by Keroko, Liingo, or by majority


Official Nanoha Timeline, translation courtesy of Nightengale.

OC Thread's Fanon Timeline, compiled by Kha.

The OC List

Created by -Fate- (Complete OC List)
Created by Aaron008R (Complete OC List)

Created by Admiral Tigerclaw
Created by AImost Pure
Created by An Hero in Disguise
Created by AtomicoX (Complete OC List)
Created by azuma-blade
Created by Chaos2Frozen
Created by dkellis (Complete OC List)
Created by Dream_Traveller (Complete OC List)
Created by EnigmaticThief
Created by Erio
Created by Evangelion Xgouki (Complete OC List)
Created by FieryAeon (Complete OC List)
Created by FlameSparkZ (Complete OC List)
Created by Fuyu no Sora
Created by ghazghkull (Complete OC List)
Created by haiz123321
Created by johnishida
Created by Kagerou (Complete OC List)
  • Erick von Long
  • Glen Schattenman
  • Emili Nailo

Created by KBTKaiser (Complete OC List)
Created by Keroko (Complete OC List)
  • Takamachi Georashi Keroko
    - Mid/long-range Dogfighting Mage; Mage Rank: S; Magic System: Aspect/Velka mixture; Military Rank: Commander
    - Preview: Adopted sister of Nanoha and 'the fourth Ace', has been fighting alongside the group since the beginning.
  • Knight of the Sky, Tesla
    - Mid Range Combat Tactician; Mage rank: AAA; Magic system: Velka; Militairy Rank: Lieutenant.
    - Preview: One of the Wolkenritter, Tesla is the group's tactician and ranged support.
  • Syn Virage
  • Eden Acura
  • Lady Alistina Carter
  • Chevelle Montier
  • "Rogue Squadron"

Created by Kha (Complete OC List)
Created by Kyral (Complete OC List)
Created by Lelouch
Created by Liingo (Complete OC List)
Created by LimitedEternal (Complete OC List)
Created by Loner
Created by LoweGear (Complete OC List)
  • Kaylin "Kay" Mathis
  • Glock Heckler
  • Mai Enna
  • LineBackers
    • Remington Smith
    • Colt Wesson
  • Rhythm Edge (Device)
  • Matsuri Miyama
  • BelkaRangers
    • Asagi Colwell
    • Mayura Labatt
    • Julie Liu Ming
  • Epsila Synaisthima

Created by Melodius Trueheart (Complete OC List)
  • List Under Compilation

Created by Meophist
Created by Mow Yun
Created by Nightengale (Complete OC List)
Created by Pheonixfyre
Created by PhoenixFlare (Complete OC List)
Created by Ratler
Created by Reiji Tabibito
Created by Riddly
Created by Ryand-Smith (Complete OC List)

Created by Saint X (Complete OC List)
Created by Satty
Created by Serenity85
Created by Shadow Angel
Created by Sheba (Complete OC List)
Created by SpaceBrotha (Complete OC List)
  • List Under Compilation

Created by stormturmoil
Created by Tempest Dynasty (Complete OC List)
Created by Timeless Enigma
Created by TheShinySword
Created by Tk3997 (Complete OC List)
Created by Tormenk (Complete OC List)
  • Katrina
  • Gen Ealin
  • Jack Kell
  • J.G. Jag
  • Jas Ellen
  • Jec

Created by tshouryuu (Complete OC List)
  • TSAB Central Science & Development Bureau
    - Located on Mid-Childa, the CSDB is the main research facility of the TSAB. Consist of some of the greatest mage scientists around who constantly creates new technologies for the use of the TSAB members.
    • Tais Scien
      - Short to Mid range combat mage; Mage Rank: D+; Magic System: Mid-Childa
      - Preview: Full time designated field operator for E.V.A device. Weird person who has very, very bad luck and a major crush on Ginga Nakajima. Has nickname of "Biggest Loser of the TSAB".
    • Seles
      - Unbond familiar of Tais; Mage rank: Unknown - Assuming D+; Magic system: Unknown - Assuming Midchilda
      - Preview: Like the master, very weird. Looks human with no sign of animal parts. Very popular with the guys but girls hate her at first sight. Currently staying at the CSDB.
    • Shouryuu Tsuzuki
      - Mage scientist; Mage rank: A mixed; Magic system: Mid-Childa
      - Preview: The current director of the CSDB. A smart but crazy, sick, equal opportunity pervert of the greatest caliber.
  • Others
    • Vidalia "The Blasphemer"
      - Mid range combat mage; Threat level: S+; Magic System: Runic
      - Preview: Familiar of a dead mage who believes in heresy. Mission in life is to spread and prove her master's heresy where ever she goes.
    • Clio

Created by USB500 (Complete OC List)
  • Annabelle Gato
    - Long-range Bombardment/Defense Support Mage; Mage Rank: A; Magic System: Mid-Childa
    - Preview: Granddaughter of General Armstrong, Annabelle is very protective towards her friends and will not hesitate to unleash the strongest attacks if necessary.
  • Leopold Grandeur
  • Joshua Merlin
  • Alexandra Enfield
    - Close Combat Knight; Mage Rank: C+; Magic System: Visalia (also reflects Belkan system)
    - Preview: The gentle Narulian village girl, she finds herself destined to carry on the legacy of the legendary King Arthur after accidentally unlocks the Intelligent Armed Device Excalibur.
  • Kazahana Shinnosuke
    - Long-range Support Mage (Healing/Protection); Mage Rank: AAA+; Magic System: Mid-Childa
    - Preview: The Great Teacher of TSAB, Shinnosuke doesn't see himself superior to his students and always treats them with equality.
  • Hikki Kokurabuji
    - Close Combat Knight; Mage Rank: S; Magic Systems: Mid-Childa/Belka/Narulia hybrid
    - Preview: The only living Gale Whistler and owner of the secretive Chronograph, Hikki does not care of everything around him as long as he can care of his own survival.
  • The Belkan Gunslingers
    • Takeru
      - Description: a young sniper who gains the moniker "Silent Bullet", he excels at striking target from long distance without being noticed by target. He owns a powerful Armed Device named Silberkugel (Silver Bullet).
    • Frieda Johansson
      - Description: one of the leading Belkan Knights, she is the only known practitioner of Gun Kata and among the best gunslinger of her class. Her Armed Device, a Gunblade, is named Beowulf.
  • The History of Britannia
    • Arthur
      - Description: the king of Camelot and unifier of Britannia, he is the owner of the coveted Intelligent Armed Device "Excalibur".
    • Lancelot
      - Description: the fallen Knight of the Round Table, he betrays Arthur and kills his wife Guinevere before challenging him in a fated duel at the Ice Desert.
    • Guinevere
      - Description: Arthur's beloved wife, she sacrifices her life for the good of her husband and the kingdom.
  • The Wind Talkers
    - Description: the Wind Talkers (271st Special Operation Unit) are also known as "The Whisperers" and very famous for their role in deciphering secret codes and ancient languages. They are also proficient in many languages and often selected as the bureau's unofficial interpretors.
  • Frederick Khan
  • Ninja Wizard
  • The Gemini Sisters (Aura & Freya)
    - Nobody knows who they come from or what is inside their mind, but they (along with a Lost Logia named Poseidon) are dangerous opponents who have eluded Belkan Knight capture for many times.
  • Aces of the Free Sky
  • Swallow 7
  • El Cid 1
  • Aurelia: Fliers' Heaven (World)
  • Kagami
  • Yuuko
  • Simone
  • Kagura Harrier

Created by Wibbles
Created by Wild Goose (Complete OC List)
  • List Under Compilation


Other miscellaneous and useful information found in the thread:

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