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Okay, here's the proper story list post for the OFM fics; I'll continually update it and Ghaz can link it to the main page.

A little bit of backstory is in order; around August 2007, Kagerou approached me and told me that he was taking a group I had created (a PMC of magic users) and was porting it over to the Nanoverse, having recently discovered Outer Cadia. We both worked on the OFM's history, ideas and backstory, building up things, with a bit of give and take in our approaches (Kagerou favored more fantasy-ish elements, I was a more mil-sf/tactical/hot blooded approach to things). The OFM was our joint project until Kagerou moved on to real life, so that's why some links will be written by me and some by Kagerou.

In brief, the Order of Freelance Mages are the TSAB's blackops people. Anything secret, anything black, anything that can't see the light of day: these are the guys and girls who do the TSAB's dirty work.

What is the OFM?
OFM Primer

The Erusian War of Subjugation

Briefing Document/OFM Overview

Spoiler for Excerpt from OFM "handbook":

The People:

Erick von Long, Commander of the Order
- Spell List

Glen Schattenmann, Executive Officer of the Order
- Spell List
- Id

Emili Nailo, Officer of the Order
- Spell List

Franz Jaeger, Platoon Commander of the Order
- Skillset & Spell List
- Relationships (In progress)

A.J. Ivanovich, Sergeant Major of the Order
- Spell List

Naomi Jaeger, Aerial Mage of the Order
- Spell List

Master Chief John-117, Non Comissioned Officer of the Order
- Abilities, Skills, & Spell List

Mikhail Dornitz, Intelligence Officer of the Order

The Gear:
Type-G3C Barrier Jacket / Ghost Armor
Type-ODST Barrier Jacket

Entropy through Order: From the files of the Order of Freelance Mages:

Intro pieces: (Alpha Canon)
200th Hour (MC0072: Naomi experiences her 200th hour during a training excercise)
Platinum Lucifer/Silver Angel (Emili on a black op gone wrong)
Ash to Ash (Glen vs Signum)
Elevation (Erick assasinating a corrupt TSAB official)
Five Minutes to Lose, pt. 1 (Franz is "befriended" by Nanoha)
Five Minutes to Lose, pt. 2

Sorairo Days -- First Arc: The Light Before We Land
Sorairo Days -- Second Arc: Sky-colored
Sorairo Days -- Third Arc: Liberation of Belzac, Part 1
Sorairo Days -- Third Arc: Liberation of Belzac, Part 2
Snatch & Grab (Ivanovich and Franz lead Bravo Squad, Assault Platoon, in capturing TSAB traitor Vincenza Blueno)

Light Hearts, Hot Blood, Crack, and Lulz (Semi-canon, not directly affecting Alpha)
Don't Ask, Don't Tell (Misunderstandings on relationships)
Three guys and a bottle of Vodka (Franz and Mikhail receive an unexpected old friend while drinking)
PT is lotsa fun...Right? (Franz and the Assault Platoon enage in epic lulz during PT)

On Call (An OFM mage cancels Valentines plans to respond to a terrorist threat)

For those interested, the OFM's influences were, in no particular order: Delta Force, SAS, SEAL Team Six, ODST Marines, ONI.
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