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Tankor, Pulverize!

Ehem. Sorry.

Tormenk, standing by..

Index post, as said above. Updated when more crack stuff is written and posted here.

P.S.: Images are there to provide a visual basis. In no way are the characters ports of the image themselves. And don't sue the guy who can't draw for using images he finds nice.


Neutral Entities


[Young Noble "Silver Siren"]

[Prideful Mage "Crimson Herald"]

[Reluctant Immortal "Beholder of Regret"]

- An enigmatic young girl, her past is only known by a select few.


The Storyteller


The Prize

Gen Ealin [Rouge Enforcer "Black Fist"]

- A man who holds a deep grudge towards the TSAB, the former Enforcer joins the Prize after exacting his revenge.


Prizes of the Deck

Jac Kell [Silent Killer "The Jackal"]

- Quiet and unwavering, hidden motives guide his actions. Coldly efficient, he is the leader of the Jacks, an all-purpose group of mages within the Prize.


G.J.Jag ["Azure Storm"]

- Scarred by a rough childhood, he is defined by his instinct to survive.


Jas Ellen ["Dead-aim Markswoman"]

- An runaway that struggles to establish her worth while looking for the touch she never had.


Jec [ Girl of Tragedies "False Apostle"]

- Raised by the organization that murdered her family, the young girl follows the path that has been set for her.


Random drabbles/oneshots

Katrina ponders about the road a certain Deathwing was travelled thus far and where it will lead to.

Twisting of Fate
Without the strength of words, Fate stains her blade red in blood.

Megane recalls the end of her life as she knew back then, and a living part of her nightmare comes back to haunt her.


the old index post, if anyone's interested.

On a after thought, perhaps I'll add in daemon Mai crack and Vivio's visit to the demented dentist. Though both counts as crack right now.

"Are you afraid of change? Or are you afraid to change?"

"Wheel turns, river flows and life goes on."

"Best way to kill a man, is to leave him alone."

"Until you come, until we close our eyes."

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