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Originally Posted by Agent86 View Post
Sadly that message itself has no replies. I was hoping to read some discussion of what precisely the "security question" is.

WanderingKnight tells us the devs are concerned about linking to files "behind the user's back" as it were. But suppose you put reasonable constraints on the files, like they must reside in the same directory as the linking file and carry appropriate permissions. Perhaps I think too much in *nix these days, but isn't that a sufficient security model and one that can be implemented cross-platform? (Maybe not in Windows?)

I'm also a bit curious as to how a linked file might pose a threat per se. I admit to not reading the Matroska specfication, but can the linked files be anything besides other Matroska files? Why would a linked file pose any greater threat than any other Matroska file?

So what really is the security threat involved in ordered chapters, and is Haali somehow immune to these threats? Inquiring minds and all that.
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